Mammography uses low-dose x-rays to screen for early signs of breast cancer. Many times, mammography can detect breast cancer before it is felt by the patient or a physician. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended for women over the age of 40 to get a yearly mammogram as a preventative measure of breast cancer screening. At Park West Imaging, we offer full-field digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis, which produces 3D images of breast tissue.

What to Expect:

  • You will be taken to our secluded breast imaging waiting area and given a dressing room with a private locker for your belongings
  • You will be asked to remove clothing from the waste up and be given a comfortable robe to put on
  • Wipes are available in the dressing room to remove deodorant before your exam
  • The technologist will bring you into the private exam room and position you for your exam
  • Compression will be used to hold the breast tissue in place to ensure a clear image is produced
  • Multiple images of each breast will be taken
  • After your exam, you may return to your normal routine unless given other instructions by the technologist/radiologist

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